Quotes 11/13/2013 As a Director of RMN Events, we had the privilege of working with Monica and her son and we were very pleased with their performance, attitude, knowledge and professionalism. I would highly recommend their services for your event. We look forward to working with Monica again in the near future, a very rare position our sport needs. Quotes
Ed Gutierrez
Director RMN Events

Quotes Monica Schommer has been an asset for our state and our Torrington Wrestling Club. She has ran our tournament several years as a head pairer and each time did a wonderful job. She is a problem solver and understands the Trackwrestling.com software better than anyone. Monica also mentors inexperienced pairers, helping them to become better. She could head pair a national event if called upon. Quotes
Joe Hatley

Quotes As the Head Wrestling coach at Douglas High School in Douglas Wyoming, and one of the Douglas Wrestling Club youth coaches, I have had the pleasure of working with Monica Schommer. Monica has run both our High School (Varsity/JV) and our youth tournaments here in Douglas. She knows the TrackWrestling program well and has done an excellent job running the tournaments. She is also a pleasure to work with and is dedicated to what she does. Quotes
Bob Bath
Head Wrestling Coach at Douglas High School

Quotes Monica has been the person responsible for the running of several tournaments within TrackWrestling that I have attended. The tournaments were both high school and USA tournaments. She is an enthusiastic, approachable and knowledgeable person who really knows her stuff. Quotes
Donald Flynn
WAWA Vice-Chairman, GWC Head Coach, GHS Assistant Coach

Quotes Monica Schommer has organized the trackwrestling tournament program for my middle school wrestling invitational for the past 6 years. Since Douglas is centrally located in the state, our tournament essentially becomes the culminating event for middle school wrestling for many teams. We pride ourselves on running a quality tournament. Monica was an integral part of the team roster management, wrestler seeding, weight class bracketing, and up-to-the-minute management of the results side of the tournament. Monica`s assistance prior to and during the event was pivotal in providing a well-run event. Monica was also integral in designing and creating professional-looking, three color 16 man brackets that any weight class champion would want to hang on his/her wall. With the trackwrestling on-line tool, we were able to easily manage many wrestlers with ease and Monica was a big part of that success! Quotes
Tom Holt
Douglas Middle School Associate Principal/Athletic Director

Quotes I have worked with Monica for the past 7 years, 5 of which I was her direct supervisor. During those 5 years I was a middle school associate principal/activities director. Each year we hosted a large middle school wrestling tournament and Monica was my go-to person. In fact we turned over the set up and organization of the tournament to Monica. It was my experience that the tournament was a very popular event because the number of teams that returned and begged for an invitation grew every year. In my opinion that was a direct result of Monica`s skill in running the tournament. I have an extreme amount of faith in Monica`s abilities to learn new programs and to be able to adapt to changes each year. There is no one I would trust more in the running of a wrestling program or tournament! She is extremely passionate about the sport of wrestling! Quotes
Dan Edwards
Douglas High School Principal